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TextMinded® crosses the bridge

TextMinded® has acquired the Swedish translation and communication company House of Stengard, domiciled in Gothenburg.
“We have long wished to increase our presence in Sweden, and this move has been greatly facilitated by House of Stengard being a perfect match for us,” says TextMinded CEO, Britta Aagaard. Read more …

Helping companies to communicate their value globally

Through the power of sharing, Sustainable Communication™ allows for a recycling, renewing and reinventing of know-how, resulting in a unique business model. Every time.

Our Sustainable Communication platform is called MindLincs®, and brings together:





About us


… being a language solutions partner. TextMinded® has successfully helped clients communicate their value globally for more than a quarter of a century. Today, there’s never been more information to communicate, and the peoples of the world have never demanded it so quickly, so incessantly in their own languages, and via so many media.

This might seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb – at TextMinded we see it as the greatest of opportunities and look forward to enjoying the view from the summit with you!

It’s about the power of sharing

If I give you a euro and you give me a dollar, you owe me 22 euro cents; if I give you an idea and you give me an idea, we’re both an idea richer. Sustainable Communication™ is about engaging and empowering communities. And the driver is value innovation.

Sustainable Communication applies, synthesizes and fuses know-how from among the sharing minds in the community. The result is a value system with a self-producing potential.


Faster, cheaper, better – and more fun!

Communication – in any language, anywhere and across any media – has to be better, faster, cheaper, and more fun! And this trend has only just begun.

So far the response from (traditional) translation buyers to this situation has
been: Buy cheaper. Rates have fallen by almost 50% since the start of the
financial crisis. Cut translation budgets – it is a cost centre and adds no value to my company. And from sellers: Cut rates with freelancers. Get rid of in-house translators. Complain!

But we cannot go on using yesterday’s analogical reasoning to solve today’s digitised challenges.

The Team

TextMinded® believes in engaging and empowering communities. Our own community comprises a fantastic mix of know-how, experience, passion, dedication and professionalism! And we’re here for just two reasons: to engage and empower our clients.


Having studied and taught philosophy for many years, Britta made a career-changing move to the localization industry in 2004. Now, ten years on, her passion for communication and desire to put words to work have found their true home at TextMinded.
Britta Aagaard

Britta Aagaard

CEO, TextMinded®

Our Skills





Your TextMinded® Team

Your TextMinded® Team

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After studying Medieval History and English Literature in the UK, love and life led Robert via India, Nepal and the mountains of Colorado to settle in Denmark, where he founded his first company in 1989.
Robert Etches

Robert Etches

CIO, TextMinded®. Chairman of the Board, GALA. Member, Board of Advisors. Translators Without Borders

TextMinded® in Numbers








  • We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

    Albert Einstein
  • If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head …

  • If you talk to a man in his language, that goes to his heart.

    Nelson Mandela
  • The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

    Steve Jobs

Services & Solutions

TextMinded® translates millions of words a month – this is what we do and have done for more than 25 years. But we do so much more! Our MindLincs® platform offers a unique value proposition for every organisation.

Copywriting, Editing and Transcreation
Some of the finest pens in the business, in any language are here to help you.
Translation, Subtitling and Software Localisation
Video will make up 85% of the Internet in 2017. Multilingual subtitling is a must, also for your organisation.
Graphic Production
Is your source version ready in InDesign? Let TextMinded send it back in 40+ new language versions, ready to send to the printers.
Computer Assisted Language Solutions
Empower your organisation: company dictionaries, modern translation tools, and tailor-made machine translation. Why pay when you can do half the work yourselves?
Integrated Solutions
Connecting know-how is essential if we are to achieve the level of synergy required in modern business. CMS, Rapid Response, Product Texts, Online Proofing? Just ask.
MindLincs® Community
Every company, every organisation has a community. Let us help you plug in your community and unleash the power of sharing. Embrace, engage, empower.
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Our Projects

We’re proud of what we achieve together with our fantastic clients. Sharing ideas, vision and passion has brought us a long way. And we have only just begun.

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Contact our Sales Director Michael Saaby.

We’re alway looking for talented vendors to join our team. Contact our Vendor Manager Lars Bjerrum


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